Our Story…

A fresh lunchtime in Jaipur, India, sitting quietly in the garden under a tree with my newspaper, a cold beer and a bowl of nuts. 

From nowhere a monkey lands on the table, looks at me, grabs my beer and legs it.  I’m still looking for the little blighter.


Our Beer…

Using the finest natural ingredients and a traditional Indian blend of barley malt and yeast, with maize, hops, and rice, we have created an extra smooth and less gassy beer, quite unlike any other.

Nicely balanced hoppy tones, followed by a pleasant nutty oat flavour; finishing with a refreshing malty, almost ‘whisky-like’ flavour.

Very gently carbonated smooth texture perfectly complementing quality Indian Cuisine or equally good when enjoyed on its own.


The perfect Complement…

Himalayan Monkey has a sweet earthy lemony aroma, hoppy malty flavour and a soft lingering finish.  A Premium Indian Beer which perfectly complements tasty Indian cuisine.

From Poppadoms to Rogan Josh, our Beer is guaranteed to complement your meal in true Indian Tradition.

beer curry

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